The Impact of The College Board on Students

Photo by Tommy Dore

The College Board and its influence on students:

It is no secret that the college board is one of the most important corporate organizations in the American education system, and therefore it has a deep impact on the mental health and performance of students. In a recent survey of 35 students conducted across a few schools in the Westchester area, we found that 79.4% of students thought that the college board has been more harmful than helpful when it came to the college application and standardized testing processes. Students describe their experiences with the college board as “Anxiety inducing”, “stressful and overwhelming”, and often feel pressured into taking the hardest classes in order to align with the College Board’s measurements of success. Most students also feel that standardized testing is not an accurate way to measure intelligence, rather it just measures the ability to pay for regular tutoring and to memorize unimportant information. The survey also had many responses that were inappropriate to share, but they clearly voice the true opinions of students on the College Board and its practices. All of the quotes in the adjacent photo are from Westchester students.