Conversations about the College Board

Clara Interview.m4a

In the Interview to the left, we talked with our peer, Clara. Clara is a junior with dyslexia so we talked to her about the accommodations the College Board provides. She also takes AP studio art so we tried to get her perspective on that as well.

Alex + Juliet.m4a

In this interview, we discussed the College Board with Rye High School juniors, Alex and Juliet. Alex took the ACT and Juliet took the SAT so we were able to get their points of view on the differences and similarities between the two tests. We also got their insight on AP courses, as both take multiple of them.

Rye Middle School 3.m4a

In this final interview, we talked with Caitlyn and Ronin, two seniors at our school. They are both going to separate colleges in the fall and we talked with them about their two very different experiences with the College Board, their testing, and their college process as a whole.

We would have loved to include an interview with an affiliate from the College Board on this page, however, its Media Relations department did not return our many calls and emails. You can read more about this in the College Board Statement section of our website.